Ellmers joins House demand for Senate vote on Obamacare Repeal

Eastern North Carolina Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R) joined more than 100 of her colleagues in the House of Representatives this week asking that the Senate hold a vote on legislation passed by the House Wednesday to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“Members of both parties voted in support of this repeal,” Congresswoman Ellmers said, “and it is incumbent on us, as elected Representatives and Senators, to make a decision on issues that affect all Americans and future generations.”

Ellmers, a Registered Nurse and experience healthcare manager from Dunn, has been an ardent critic of the Affordable Care Act, and spoke in favor of its repeal during House debate on Tuesday.

The repeal passed in the House with a 240-182 vote, gaining the support of 5 Democrat Congressman. The Democrat-
controlled Senate, according to its Majority Leader, Harry Reid (NV), does not plan to allow for the bill to come to
their floor for a vote.

Apparently, Ellmers believes their unwillingness to vote on the bill is a sign of cowardice.

 “If Senator Reid is confident in his party’s majority in the Senate, and proud of the historic increase in taxes brought on by Obamacare, then there is no reason to deny each Senator their right to make their position known. This law was not presented to the American people as a tax, but now that it has been ruled one by the Supreme Court, the Senate has an obligation, as elected officials, to let the hardworking American taxpayers know where their Senator stands.”

“Great leaders rise in support of what they believe in because they are emboldened by the courage to defend their principles. The failure to do so only diminishes the worthiness of their cause.”

Click here for Congresswoman Ellmers’ formal statements on the repeal vote and request for Senate action.