Furloughs at Fort Bragg reduced

The first day of the work week will see thousands of Fort Bragg civilian workers returning to their jobs after being furloughed last week as a result of the Federal budget shutdown.

Fort Bragg Patch reported on the announcement Sunday evening:

The majority of Fort Bragg’s furloughed civilian employees will return to work starting Monday, Oct. 7, according to Fort Bragg spokesman Ben Abel.

As directed by the Department of the Army, all civilian employees in support of Soldiers are to return to work at their next scheduled shift.  For the majority of Fort Bragg’s employees this means 8 a.m.

All U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bragg employees are to report to work at their regularly scheduled shift.

Approximately 400,000 defense civilian workers will return to their jobs on Monday, following an order made by Secretary of Defense Charles Hagel.

“I commend Secretary Hagel for acting on the urgent requests made by myself and my colleagues to end the unjustified furloughs of civilian defense employees,” said Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC) in a prepared statement. “Fort Bragg employees across my district have been suffering due to the political games being played in Washington and I am grateful to the Defense Department for taking my letter seriously and acting immediately to allow employees to return to work on Monday.”

“As I have said throughout this crisis, I came to Washington to shutdown Obamacare, not the federal government. Here in the House, we passed a bill nearly a week ago to provide payment to our troops AND civilian defense employees prior to the government shutdown when it was becoming evident that Senator Harry Reid was not going to work with us.This was signed into law by President Obama and has been in effect since Monday. Yet until this afternoon, the administration refused to enforce it.”