Blog #76

I remember the day we first met. I walked out of my office and there he was, leaning up against the wall looking so handsome in his grey sweater and blue jeans that he took my breath away. I introduced myself, he smiled at me, shook my hand and that was it. I was hooked. Suddenly I was on a mission to find out everything I could about “the new guy”. He was the one I would sit and stare at during staff meetings, the reason I was even at those meetings in the first place. And now he’s still the one I want to know everything about. The biggest lie he’s ever told, the saddest song he’s ever heard, his darkest secret, and his deepest thoughts and fears. I even want to know all about the girl before me, the one he swore he would never leave. He’s the one I want to tell all of my secrets to, read all of my writings to, and share all the small details of my day with. He’s the one I want to learn all about Aristotle, Cicero, and all of the other philosophers from. The one I want to help me when I don’t understand something. He’s the one who helped me become comfortable with my body, the one I stopped perfecting my makeup and hair for because he makes me laugh and I can’t resist his eyes and the way he looks at me. He’s the reason I came close to failing Theories of Counseling because as soon as I sat down to write that paper, which was forty percent of my final grade, I got a text from him that just said “Hey” and suddenly the paper could wait. He’s the one I lay in bed with at night talking about the future and what we want to do with our lives while we still encompass the optimism of college. He’s the one I’ll become an adult with. The one who makes being on my own not so scary. He’s the one I’ll learn to cook with, and the one I’ll learn to enjoy documentaries and old movies from. He’s the one who will rub my feet after a long day and the one who takes care of me when I am sick. He is teaching me what is worth fighting for and what is not. But most of all, when all of my dreams come true, he is the one I want standing right beside me.

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