Blog #73

He was a storm I got lost in; a hurricane that just spun me around and around until nothing was familiar but him. A storm so strong, I was always struck down by the lightening. He was a tornado and I was a tree, snapping in half at his intensity.

He introduced me to a game I never had any intention of playing. A game he was the master of, and a game I never had any chance of winning. It was a game of checkers, one where I was always backed into the corner surrounded by black buttons. It was monopoly, only he owned all the property. We were a crossword puzzle so complicated that none of the letters lined up to make sense; they were just blocks of mixed signals. We were color by number when we were both colorblind.

Loving him was like flying down the highway in a new Camaro before realizing you just passed a cop. It was like changing your mind when you have already jumped out of the plane. It was free falling without a plan to land. It was like picking daisies and then getting stung by a bee. It was a day at the beach that ended in sunburn.

He made me feel strong and yet weak. Tall yet short. Wanted and yet not needed, all with his blissful arrogance. I was his umbrella that he only needed on rainy days. His life jacket that he only wore when the boat was sinking. He was a fire, one that always left me wondering whether he was going to warm my heart or burn down my house. He was the danger sign that never kept me from diving off the cliff. He was a drive I took a million times, one that always resulted in going the wrong way on a one way street with nowhere to turn around.

Missing him came in waves, and on the nights when I was drowning, he was always there to rescue me. He never broke my heart; he just turned it into a compass that always pointed me back to him.

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